THE  worldbaseballleague.com
The only place in the world to buy a team/ district or a country region to develop your own teams.Each country will have a team selected for the annual wbl series playoffs

1 select team district which can be in different country or area than the selected areas listed.
2. pay a $20,000 doorstop fee, which holds the door open for you and said district until such a time not to exceed 6 months in which to close the deal on the district purchase for your team.make offer with 10% down payment the doorstop will be credited in purchase price. purchase normally includes land for field in latin america. look at nica west sweet dealCartagena  openColombiaBogota open Medellin openOwners will be held to the highest standards of honor, dignity and integrity and be responsible for their players actions.This league will be an example of character for the community. The commission can suspend an owner or player or team for such time they feel reasonable
The first 10 owners will be invited to have a seat on the commission.. The owner can sell their team to any commission approved buyer
games planned to start late spring 2018. our teams will go anywhere and play anyone..The league is planned to expand into all of latin America to include south America.help spread the word to get this going faster.
each team will have a cheerleader squad that travels with the team, these ladies will be treated with respect at ever turn.These are not party girlsThese are a draw for the team to increase interest thereby helping the team increase their income. Many items need to be addressed at the coming commission meetings. Each team will host the commission on a regular basis, giving the commission and players opportunity to communicate on a more personal setting. decision by the commission are final and can only be appealed to the commission. gjp3
the wbl commission
http://www.funrunnersgranada.live/ funrunners@hotmail.comWE PLAN TO HAVE TEAMS EVERYWHERE TROPICAL SPIRITAIR FLYSTHE PLAN   
Q&AjamboreefrancachelaARTIST INTERNET CAFEFAITES UNE DIFFÉRENCEI need help.I firmly believe in this project and I think after the lead dog steps up and buys a team others will follow or get left out. And we can get this league going.These teams will become high valued in 3 years. I am ready to go down and get this going I need a few owners to step up and lets get this started I will make it worth your while as we grow.This is going to grow so fast your team will likely double in value every year. Pick your district today.  at 12am the lain American league is closing due to lack of understanding the goal of the league.AT the same time Europe will open.,the europe owners can buy la districts if they wish to have  teams in CA the main difference in ca the teams would take a short flight to the game location, go to a meet and greet with their opponent and fans get up the next day play ball, after the game the winner host a celebrstion party for all including the fans. in Europe it will often be a rail trip ,and the players ride with the fans, arrive and go to meet and greet etc. our league is past of our community each team plays one game a month for the kids in their community.AirFrance is offered first pick on locations they want ,due to their indication they want to help.
Bogota Bulls
Corinto Wildcats
Zombie Marshals