ANNISTON101 RADIO (Radio talk shows, movies, news, sports, local gossip and much more!!)

main-blog-anniston101-online-radio is a website dedicated to the Anniston, Alabama community. We intend to promote and report anything and everything of interest in the area. We want to build a community, help grow our businesses, and improve the everyday experience of the Anniston Citizen.

We currently play multiple Genres from local artists and hope to Country, Rock, and Rap. Christian will be played on Sundays. We hope to grow and to be able to play mainstream. But what we want more is to promote our local artist & musicians.

We also are a directory of Anniston businesses and services. We will be teaming up with local businesses to pormote their product and services. In hopes of reactivating the local economy after this Covid-19 scare.

We are also in the business of matchmaking and love so we are also dedicating our efforts to being a place for Anniston singles to listen and find out about events and places where to meet other interested singles.

We hope that you tune in and enjoy listening to us. And we hope you share us on social media and we hope we can grow and be well as a community.

The Team

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